During the Holidays, Giving Back is Always a Good Choice


With Thanksgiving and the holidays upon us, we all start to think about goals for next year, what we can do to change certain things in our lives, how we can make time to give back and spend more time with family and friends. As you start thinking about 2013, we invite you to start your journey of choice and change today with an excerpt from our new book, At the End of the Day: How One Man Learned to Live Like He Was Dying.  And as you start your holiday shopping this weekend, remember, you have a choice. Choose to give your family and friends a gift that will keep on giving and perhaps think of yourself this year and give yourself a gift.

Want to give back to your community? Learn what authors Lewis Senior and Laura Senior Garcia doing this holiday season to help:

Giving Back to the Education System: How Equilibria is Transforming Communication in Schools

Lewis Senior (Yellow/Red) is very open about the fact that he would love to see the E-Colors in every classroom around the world. In fact in 2013 and beyond, he intends to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to create a foundation, with others who are interested, that sees people who share that vision: philanthropists, millionaires and billionaires, competing for the right to contribute to the future leaders of tomorrow.

In the meantime, he has already set up a unique opportunity for those who want to contribute – if anyone wants some advice or coaching over and above that which is provided through Equilibria, then there will be a ‘cost’.  This will be in the form of a donation of something useful and meaningful, to the Lewis M. Senior E-Colors in Education Center at the Southwest Middle and High School Campus in Houston.

Donations can also be made by spending time with the students, providing books or pictures, or perhaps by writing a mobile APP – whatever you think would be useful to the students. 

Lewis wants to share an interesting observation.  He has found that anytime a person chooses not to apply their coaching lessons, they let down the very people to whom they are committed.

In closing, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have some time, books, paintings, pictures, words of wisdom etc to spare, then please contact Dr. Rosalinda Mercado Garza, Principal at the school (rmercadogarza [at] swschools[dot] org), and let her know you would like to make a donation to the E-Colors in Education Center.

The E-Colors in Education Center at Southwest will always be the Number 1 ‘E-Colors in Education Flagship’, but we assure you it will not be the last!

Lewis can be reached by sending a message to: lewis [at] readourbooktoday[dot] com.

If you haven’t established your E-Colors yet, give yourself a gift and please visit www.equilibria.com to complete your PDI – it’s free!

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and choose to make a positive impact in your own lives as well as those around you.