E-Colors Champion Applies Personal Intervention

Story By:  Lewis Senior (Yellow/Red)
Lewis Senior is the co-founder and co-CEO of Equilibria.  Lewis’s E-Colors are Yellow/Red.  Follow this link to read his complete bio.  To begin understanding the E-Colors follow this link then be sure to take the PDI.

Lewis Michael Senior

Lewis Michael Senior

I thought you might enjoy a great moment that I heard about yesterday.

If you go to our website and watch the E-Colors in Education video one of the people you will see speak is Jennifer Majano.

She was actually one of the first students we met when we started the E-Colors journey in South West school.  She is Blue / Yellow and when we first met her she was full of uncertainty, self doubt, low self esteem and super unsure of herself.

Jennifer Majano

Jennifer Majano

Over the past three years, she has not only gained a new appreciation of who she is and why things happen around and to her but she has become an E-Colors champion, advocate and mentor to many others.

She was one of the four people we asked to read from our book at our recent launch. On Tuesday I met with her, two graduating students who are both E-Colors champions and Dr. Rosalinda Mercado-Garza the school principal and E-Colors lead champion. During the breakfast Jennifer said she would like one of our books so she could give it to Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church.

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen – Image Courtesy of www.searchquotes.com

For those of you who don’t know he is you can Google him and you will see that he and his sister run two massive churches in Houston, is an accomplished speaker and author and is of ‘rock star status’ in and around Houston.

Jennifer attends his services twice a week and on Wednesday night she went on her mission to give him the book. As it happens, when she went there he was absent that night and when she inquired how she could give him a copy, she was told ‘just use his drop box’.

Yesterday morning, as she recounted what happened next, it really brought home to me the huge impact the maturing understanding of her innate strengths, potential limiters, personal intervention understanding all came into play. The response was not a meek, subservient ‘OK’ but engaging her ‘pause’ button to overcome her hesitancy and her ‘play’ button to become more assertive she responded with ‘No, make an appointment with him for me, I want to give him the book myself”.

She was so proud of herself as she recounted her experience – powerful stuff isn’t it?

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