E-Colors Helping to Achieve a Bully-Free World

Bullying is a complex issue and one that often goes largely unnoticed.  The impact however can be devastating.  With cyber-bullying on the increase we need to be vigilant to ensure any noticeable change in a child’s behaviour is detected early on.

Teachers often come up with excellent methods for introducing a difficult subject without frightening their students.  Here is an example of such an activity having to do with bullying. Please feel free to use this and to discuss any issues relating to it.

We ALL have a responsibility to help stop bullying. Equilibria is doing our part by developing anti-bullying techniques which are based on E-Colors.  More information will be made available on our BLOG.  Please come back soon to learn more.

More information on anti-bullying campaigns can be found at StopBullying.gov.  This site is manged by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

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