E-Colors – How Predictable Are Personality Traits?

Story By:  Lewis Senior (Yellow/Red)
Lewis Senior is the co-founder and co-CEO of Equilibria.  Lewis’s E-Colors are Yellow/Red.  Follow this link to read his complete bio.  To begin understanding the E-Colors follow this link then be sure to take the PDI.

Lewis Michael Senior

Lewis Michael Senior

In recent years we have asked several questions all in aid of better understanding of who does and who doesn’t naturally follow procedures. Some E-Color combinations are crystal clear why they do adhere to rules and others are just as adamant as to why they don’t. I thought you might enjoy an anecdote about my wonderful BLUE / GREEN wife, Isabel

People who are blessed to have a large proportion of ‘BLUE’ in them will typically describe themselves as steady, calm and like to think things through. More often than not, they don’t like conflict and they certainly don’t like to upset others. They care about other’s feelings and they tell us that rules (and procedures) are there to be followed.


Isa Senior

All of these traits are very predominant in Isa (and if you have played golf with her you will know that ‘mulligans’ are never acceptable because they are not in the rule book !)

Yesterday we were in a car showroom buying a car and I was interested to see that it never even occurred to her to ask for discount or push for a lower price. Both of these acts would be completely off limits for my BLUE/GREEN wife as it might upset the salesperson and could cause some discomfort in an otherwise cordial atmosphere.

After we left the car sales people yesterday I said to Isa – ‘Do you remember when we were in the gold market in Dubai a couple of years ago – you had no problem asking for discount there?’.

I got ‘the look’ which was followed by wife´s perfectly logical comment (at least in her mind) she said ‘Didn’t you read the Guide for Tourists handbook that was in the hotel bedroom drawer? It stated clearly that while shopping in Dubai markets – bartering and haggling for a better price is both encouraged and accepted.

And you know what, in over 30 + years of marriage that was indeed the ONLY time I have ever seen my wife ask for discount – after all, the ‘rule book’ said that was OK.

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