Meet the Authors

Lewis M. Senior is the co-CEO of Equilibria, a global coaching company focusing on effective communication, applied leadership, personal and team development, and risk management and mitigation. Formerly, Lewis spent 29 years with the world’s largest oil-drilling company.

Tapped to be the drilling company’s spokesperson and representative to 18,000 employees located all over the world, Lewis took on a grueling schedule that led to the physical and emotional breakdown detailed in At the End of the Day. How he was forced to face his choices – and change them for the better – is the core of the story he wants to tell. It is a story for anyone who ever thought he had it all and yet could never seem to find happiness. Reach out to Lewis:
lewis [at] readourbooktoday [dot] com

A special note from Lewis:

As you read At the End of the Day, I am sure that you will quickly understand with great clarity that, at least through our perspective, life is indeed a series of choices. How early on in a person’s existence we start to appreciate that probably depends on each individual’s personal journey.

For me, it took what I thought at the time was a near-death experience to realize that it was up to me to choose how I was going to live my life and treat others.  When Laura first approached me with the idea of writing our story, I had no idea that we would have some of the amazing moments and truly powerful exchanges that we enjoyed during the writing of this book.

I was provided with a life lesson that will stay with me forevermore, and I have become so much more aware of always doing my best to practice giving people the “right experiences.” I hope you will see that the intent of our story is not to tell you what to do or how to run your life, but to appreciate what could be.

Laura Senior Garcia is Equilibria’s Product Development Manager, a coach, and Lewis’ daughter. Laura joined Equilibria at 19. Since then, she has been on a continuous learning journey, acquiring a vast amount of experience and key skills that have enabled her to become a lead member of the Equilibria Executive Management Team.

Now in her mid-20s, her duties include everything from worldwide facilitation of seminars to coaching teams to business development. However, it is her personal journey that became one of the inspirations for At the End of the Day. How Laura, with her father’s coaching, went from being a rebellious, resentful teenager to a dynamic, fulfilled young woman is an inspiring example for both parents and their teens. Reach out to Laura: laura [at] readourbooktoday [dot] com

A special note from Laura:

When we first discussed the idea of creating At the End of the Day, I kept on telling Lewis “you have to write a book,” “you have a story to tell,” and “people could benefit from understanding the choices you have made.” After (probably) having had enough of my nagging, he turned to me and said:  “Laura, stop saying that I have a story to tell. We have story to share.” When I realized he was serious, I started to think of how many people might benefit from understanding the journey that my father and I have been on for the last few years. What can I say? The rest is here for you to read.

During the early stages of the book, we shared the manuscript with a number of friends and family members of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities. What we discovered through this process is that everyone, from teenagers, working parents, to people in the later stages of life could in one way or another relate to the challenging moments reflected in these chapters. Therefore, if you are a parent reading this book, share it with your teenager; if you are a teenager, share it with your parents!

To me At the End of the Day is about what really matters and how the choices that we make (be it during our teenage years or our adult life) ultimately impact our destiny.  We hope our little story brings at least a smile to your face and that we have been able to transmit the struggles and joys of growing up at different times of your life and creating your destiny every step of the way.