Our Story, The Book

“At the end of the day” is a phrase we have all heard over and over again; the emphasis being that whatever happens at that point is what is most important. Sometimes, there are moments in people’s lives that intervene to force them to stop, think and change how they are living to reprioritize what really matters. Such was the case with oil and gas leader Lewis Senior ten short years ago when he had a near-death experience while traveling for work; inspiring a new career for him and eventually the moving book he and his daughter Laura Senior Garcia wrote and debuted in Houston in June: At the End of the Day: How One Man Learned to Live Like He Was Dying.

What if you could choose to make a difference in your life and the life of everyone around you? Choose how your day was going to go no matter what happened or what anyone else did? Remove daily stressors by simply choosing how you respond as opposed to react?

What would it take for you to actually change?

As a manager for Health and Safety with a large oil-and-gas drilling company, Lewis Senior was climbing the corporate ladder, putting in long days and grueling hours that kept him away from his family. His two children grew up not knowing him.

But in 2002, his priorities changed in a single, shortened breath. During a work trip to France, Lewis was left gasping for air, clutching his chest and fearing for his life. As he took what he thought was his last breath, Lewis saw “the light” – figuratively and literally. He vowed that if he lived, he’d change his life, refocusing it on his loved ones and on helping people communicate better.

At the End of the Day is the story of how Lewis found his real priorities, changed his life and reconnected with his only daughter, co-author Laura Senior Garcia to heal old wounds and change the lives of hundreds of people around the world.

When he got healthy again, Lewis and three colleagues founded Equilibria to work with corporations in the energy industry to further develop corporate communication skills, focusing on interactive and interpersonal communication, deliberate leadership behaviors and leading-edge safety and efficiency processes. By using its effective “E-Color” system, Equilibria facilitates and coaches a strong and less ambiguous line of conversation for employees, leading to fewer safety issues and crises.

Lewis’s daughter, Laura, joined the Equilibria team after it launched at the young age of 19, not long after her rebellious teenage years when she and her father rarely spoke. Working side by side, the two have truly gotten to know each other and made up for lost time. With her father’s coaching, Laura went from a resentful teenager to a dynamic, fulfilled young woman and an inspiration for parents and their teens.

Along the way, Lewis and Laura have learned a wealth of lessons, which they share in At the End of the Day.

Through an intricately woven story, At the End of the Day examines how even when we think we don’t have a choice, we do. We have the choice of how we respond. Over and over Lewis and Laura show how the choices we make in our daily lives, both large and small, can impact not only our own future, but the future of everyone around us – family, friends, co-workers, peers, students – everyone.

Whether dealing with the stress of work, teenagers, planning a wedding, job loss, family illness, moving across the country, or simply carving out  time to do the things we enjoy, At the End of the Day takes readers on a moving journey while teaching us valuable life lessons in how to:

  • capitalize on the power of choice
  • communicate effectively and with purpose
  • define boundaries in a productive way
  • listen with patience and understanding
  • realize your potential
  • stop trying to control what you can’t and focus on what you can control

Described as captivating, moving, touching, inspirational, funny, informative, romantic, dramatic, passionate, loving, relating, candid, compelling, thought-provoking, emotionally potent, and ultimately uplifting, At the End of the Day is a heartwarming story that teaches us that we don’t have to accept what life dishes out. We have a choice. Through their story, Lewis and Laura hope to affect countless people who read the book and change even more lives worldwide with the power of choice.