At the End of the Day is a heartwarming story  that teaches us that we don’t have to accept what life dishes out. We have a choice. 


“As I read the final text of your incredible book, I just sat and cried. After I finished reading At the End of the Day, I immediately grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down a list of words that I felt best described your book: captivating, moving, touching, inspirational, funny, informative, romantic, dramatic, passionate, loving and relating. Your story is truly moving and inspiring, and you have affected my life by sharing yours with me. It truly was a pleasure.”

— Kami Craig,
US Women’s Olympics Water Polo Team,
2012 Gold Medalist


“As a reader who loves well-crafted memoirs and a ghostwriter who works hard to help celebrities and other extraordinary people craft their stories, I found much to admire in At the End of the Day. Lewis and Laura welcome readers into a candid and compelling personal journey. Events and ideas are deftly woven with conflict and love.

It stands as a moving portrait of a father coming of age and a daughter coming into her own, while nudging us to rethink the way people work and the way we work with people. Thought-provoking, emotionally potent, and ultimately uplifting, At the End of the Day belongs in every corporate headquarters and high school library. This is one of those books that has the power to make a real difference.”

  — Joni Rodgers,
NYT Bestselling Co-Author of Promise Me:
How A Sister’s Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer

“The story of how Lewis and Laura learned to become the wonderful team that they are today is instructive of the power of personal growth. At the End of the Day is not a business book, although there are many lessons for business. It is a story of the personal growth for two individuals and a family. I hope as you turn the pages you will recognize you have an opportunity in your own life to make commitments that will help you realize your potential.”

— J. David Payne,
Vice President Drilling & Completions,
Chevron Global Upstream

“I highly recommend At the End of the Day for anyone who wants to understand the inner thoughts of an adolescent daughter, for parents who work constantly on balancing the professional and personal, for individuals who coach others or are in search of their strengths and learning about their potential limitations. The language is rich, voices are distinct and the colors of the world are embedded in their stories. At the End of the Day reminds us in any moment where a decision is needed, the choice is ours.”

— Dr. Rosalinda Mercado-Garza,
Principal, Southwest Middle & High School