Realizing the Potential Within: How E-Colors Increased A Students Communication Skills

Story By: Nycol Roman (Green/Red)

Nycol is a student attending the Southwest School system.  She has kindly allowed us to share her E-Colors experiences though a blog post.

The leadership skills Nycol is developing, along with her knowledge of the E-Colors, will serve her well.   Equilibria is proud of Nycol, and pleased to contribute towards her successes.

Through the E-COLORS I have learned, and I am still learning, many things.  The E-COLORS have given me the strength, and the ability to appreciate myself and my work. They have also helped me to develop and release the potential within me.  I have learned that I can overcome my Potential Limiters by using E-COLORS and Personal Intervention. I have developed leadership skills that I might have never developed without E-COLORS. This program has helped me, and made me realize that there is so much more to life than I could have possibly imagined.

Up until my freshman year at Southwest High School, I felt I was smart. However, I was not as efficient as I am now. I was socially insecure, especially when it came to asking questions. I did not know whether I should talk to people, or how talking to people could hurt me or be good for me. I was arrogant and dismissive of the opinions of others, only caring about my achievements, not the achievements or failures of others, because I felt I was able to achieve my goals on my own. So, it was hard for me work in a teams; I always wanted to be, and work, alone, to feel and be independent, but now I have learned to work in groups and help my team be efficient and successful. I could not have done that without the knowledge that the E-COLORS gave me.

This program has helped me to understand the different personalities of people, how to approach them in a way that is helpful for both parties, and to how to work together as part of a team. I have learned that in this puzzle we call life, everything and everybody is necessary to put all the pieces together. I have also learned to care for others, because not everybody is a Green/Red like me: a person who is strong-willed, insensitive to others’ feelings, independent, and serious.  I realized that I have a lot of friends that are top color Blue, and who need support. I decided to change my attitude towards them, by giving them support when they need it, listening to them, encouraging them to be themselves and not be afraid of the outside world. I have learned to hold a conversation with my friends; Yellows always want to have a conversation! Reds want things to happen quickly, so I sometimes try to remind them about the use of “Pause” and “Play”. That can be a hard task, although not impossible.

Dr. Mercando-Garza

I could not be more grateful for this program, as well as the people that made it possible for me to learn about it. I thank Sandy Philips for introducing E-COLORS to Southwest High School. I thank my principal Dr. Mercado-Garza  for allowing E-COLORS to come through the doors of Southwest. I thank Lewis Senior for making all this possible, for changing me into a better person, and giving me so many great opportunities. Thank you so much for allowing me to learn so much, at such a young age.

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