What I Learned Through E-Colors: A Student Describes When to Use “Pause & Play”

Story By: Maurico Vazquez
Maurico is a student at the Southwest School.  His E-Colors are Green/Blue.

Everyone at Equilibria wishes to thank Maurico for allowing us to share his E-Colors experiences.

Maurico understands his instinctive behaviors, and those of others.  He is well on his way to realizing his potential.

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“What I Have Learned Through E-Colors”

Through E-Colors I have learned more about how people behave, and understand better how  the human mind thinks.

Everybody has the four E-Colors in their make-up, but two of them tend to be dominant. These two colors are the ones that represent and describe us best. Top color reds and yellows talk more than top color blues and greens. Yellows and reds need to learn to shut up, and blues and greens need to learn to speak up!

Equilibria taught me how to use the “play” and “pause” buttons in the right situations. If you’re a top color green or blue, then you have to use your “play” button more. If you’re a top color yellow or red, then you have to use your “pause” button more.