When I Realized the Power of the E-Colors

Lewis Michael Senior
Lewis Michael Senior

Story By:  Lewis Senior (Yellow/Red)
Lewis Senior is the co-founder and co-CEO of Equilibria.  Lewis’s E-Colors are Yellow/Red.  Follow this link to read his complete bio.  To begin understanding the E-Colors follow this link then be sure to take the PDI.

Last night I heard commentators at the Olympic stadium say that in 20 years time people will look back and say ¨I remember where I was the night that GB got three gold medals in Athletic events¨. I remember just as clearly the day I realized the power of the E-Colors. We were in Singapore running an E-Colors awareness session almost immediately after we had formed Equilibria.

I watched groups of E-Colors peers as they worked through some exercises that we had them up to perform. When I watched seven Yellow/Reds working together and saw them all talking at once, not following procedures or due process, no one listening to anyone else – I thought ‘My goodness, that’s me!’

People Talking

From then on I have worked hard to better leverage my strengths and manage my potential limiters. Yep, I remember that day very well.

Lewis Senior (Y/R)
Co-CEO & Senior Executive Coach

To learn more about the E-Colors, and to take your PDI, please visit Equilibria’s website.